A powerful message of God's love and comfort for black people.
A message to be told. A message to be heard.
Sometimes God's message is often heard in the still small voices of unknown authors.
"An exceptional book with a message that will convince you, inspire you and comfort many, many black people. A classical blessing."

Evangelist Cedric Barber,
Christians for Service UK
There are many books written by black authors for black people which often leave one feeling more wretched and hopeless after reading them. Written often from an analytical angle, the books tend to give a diagnosis for black people's problems but lack the important role of faith in a God of love and purpose as the only prescription for these problems. This book is unique in the way it places black people in their true position in the biblical history of the human race while at the same time declaring their often misunderstood role in God's eternal purpose. Black people who read this unique book will feel drawn closer to Christ after comprehending His love for them, so well demonstrated in this book. Only divine revelation could have given the author such a passionate, convincing and readable message for black people.
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